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Study confirms that chiropractic care is an effective, safe way to treat sacroiliac (SI) joint pain. SI joint pain has a number of causes which include leg length discrepancies; altered function of the hip, leg, or knee; and pregnancy.

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Woodward Chiropractic2 weeks ago

The holiday season can be a stressful time of the year. This added stress can be extra difficult for people with chronic pain conditions like migraines and fibromyalgia, because stress can exacerbate pain. If you suffer from chronic pain, here are five tips to help...

Woodward Chiropractic
Woodward Chiropractic3 weeks ago

Auto injuries are a common source of chronic pain. Researchers have uncovered that the stress that you experience after a car crash may increase your odds of developing long-term symptoms.

Woodward Chiropractic
Woodward Chiropractic3 weeks ago

Thank you to the men and women who have served this great nation.

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If you have been involved in accident
give our office a call, we can help!
Call 270-781-5644 today.

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