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Woodward Chiropractic is an Accident and Injury care practice which treats neuromuscular and skeletal conditions, giving special attention to spinal health. Located in Bowling Green, KY, it is the practice of Dr. Mark Woodward, D.C.
Dr. Woodward has over 30 years of experience in auto-related bodily injury and work-related accidents, and is qualified as an expert witness in giving testimony, documenting, and explaining treatment.


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Get Back to Your Daily Life with Back Pain Relief

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations reports that more than two million people are injured every year in auto-related accidents involving either a passenger vehicle, large truck, or motorcycle. Furthermore, that number appears to be climbing at an alarming rate, increasing more than five percent between 2014 and 2015 alone.

Certainly, being involved in this type of incident can have long-lasting effects. For instance, one study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine found that “a substantial minority” of subjects questioned reported experiencing anxiety when traveling in a motor vehicle post-accident, with 10 percent developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a condition that, in some cases, plagued them for years.

Well, another recently published study has found that being in a car crash can also result in long-term physical ramifications as well. Specifically, it discovered that back pain can linger or appear long after the vehicle has been fixed and the debris has been cleaned out of the roadway.

In April of 2017, the European Spine Journal presented a study involving 789 adults, all of whom reported experiencing mild low back pain or no pain at all. Upon entering the study, each person was asked whether or not he or she had been in a motor vehicle accident resulting in low back pain, making note of whether their level of pain increased, decreased, or stayed the same six and 12 months down the road.

Approximately 74.8 percent of the participants responded at the six month mark, with 64.5 percent providing input at 12 months. Of those who did respond, researchers noticed a positive correlation between those who had previously been involved in an auto accident and the incidences of low back pain at a later date. In other words, having a car crash in your past may increase your risk of back pain in the future.

This is partially why being assessed right after a car wreck is so critical. While this is relatively standard when it comes to auto injuries that can be seen or easily felt, damage done to the musculoskeletal system isn’t quite so visible or easy to pinpoint, which also makes it easier to ignore.

Educating patients is the first step to helping them resolve any subsequent back issues. The second step is to regularly ask them whether they’ve been involved in a crash, no matter how small. If they have, addressing that issue first and foremost can keep their quality of life from being compromised months, years, or even decades later.


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Whether you have been involved in an injury or not, we offer a variety of services which include Wellness Care and Family Practice.  Our office promotes the philosophy of wellness and disease prevention. Chiropractic care utilizes most natural health methods such as exercise, nutrition, and diet, and lifestyle modification, in most cases, chiropractic treatment can help a patient to avoid costly medications, hospitalization, surgery and other invasive procedures.
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Leah Tonya Lovelady Lockhart
1 month ago

I would recommend this practice to anyone experiencing back pain. I felt better right after my very first visit!!

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Jerilyn McArt Bristow
2 months ago

I am beyond impressed with this office. Everyone is friendly, professional, and informative. My spine is a hot mess but they have managed to get me relief very quickly. I feel certain that as long as I do my home care, I’ll just get better...

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Markus Maria Briggs
4 months ago

I have been seeing him for three weeks now and I can tell a world of difference. I went to two others and his office and office staff are by far the most friendly, family oriented. The services that they provide is top notch and...

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La'Nae Easley
4 months ago

Very friendly and Respectful Staff! I would recommend anyone who is going through neck/back pain to go there. Excellent work! Love those guys!!

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Nicole McGee
5 months ago

Highly recommend Woodward Chiropractic! I have been coming here since I have been in Bowling Green and every time has been a great experience. Their staff is knowledgeable and caring. Their appointments are meticulous and you leave knowing that they covered every area of your...

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Steven Brooks
8 months ago

Very personable and thorough . Staff is excellent

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