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Accident and Injury Care

On your first visit to our office, you will find Dr. Woodward concerned about you as a person, as well as about your complaint. Dr. Woodward will try to find the cause of your ailment and correct it with a thorough and cost effective approach.  Our office emphasizes communication and openness. You should feel free to ask our staff any questions about your treatment.



What Information Should I Bring to My First Visit?


  • If you have already had tests (such as X-Rays, MRI’s or EMG’s) regarding your problem, bring them and all other reports to our office.


  • Be prepared to discuss: when the problem started; how it started; how long you have had it; what makes the problem worse or better; treatments you have tried so far and how well they worked; and any other information you believe is relevant.


  • Bring notes regarding comments or questions you want to ask Dr. Woodward.


  • Bring your current insurance card.



What to Expect


Your first visit to our office will be similar to a first visit to other doctor’s offices, with some important additions:


  • Case History: Dr. Woodward will take a full case history of your problem and any important past history or family history will be considered. A clear understanding of the nature and extent of your illness helps the doctor decide whether chiropractic health care is appropriate treatment for your condition, and if additional examination procedures are necessary.


  • Examination: Dr. Woodward will perform a physical examination, plus spinal, neurological, and musculoskeletal examination procedures as required. The reason for these exams is to find the cause of your problem.  On Site Digital X-Rays standing/weight bearing are taken for:


  • X-Rays: Standing/Weight bearing X-Rays are taken for spinal or musculoskeletal problems. These X-Rays are safe and help to rule out disease processes of the bones and to surrounding tissues, as well as to evaluate the structural and biomechanical status of your spine.


  • Lab Procedures: It is sometimes necessary to recommend blood and urine analysis or other procedures. Dr. Woodward will explain the necessity of these tests if they are required.



The Treatment Plan


Dr. Woodward will put considerable effort into fully explaining your condition, the cause of the problem, as well as the recommended treatment plan and goals will be discussed. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns that you have. This “team effort” between you and our office can greatly enhance a successful outcome.



Progress Evaluations


Your progress under chiropractic care will be carefully monitored with periodic re-evaluations. Your symptomatic improvements as well as objective finding will be noted, and your treatment plan will be modified to meet your changing condition.

Your 1st Visit

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